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Seeking to make St Anne's a home to invite everyone into!
Thank you for visiting our site. We do hope it will be  both enjoyable and informative. You will be very welcome  at any of the services at St Anne’s and please, do let us  know if there is more information you require. St Anne’s Parish Church (Postal address) 54a Lilley Lane West Heath Birmingham B31 3JT    Office: 0121 604 5050 stanne05@tiscali.co.uk Verse for today Click here for Sunday Services, Collect & Thought for the Week

How To Survive Summer

The month of August is frequently referred to as “the dog days of summer” It’ almost like the world tries to stop rotating for a while. Many of us use it as a time to relax and celebrate life. Let’ make sure that we don’ take a vacation from growing as people. It’ a time to sit back and look at our vision of life. We are given so many negative messages. Let’ all think positively. I would like to share with you ten simple principles that will help you to look at life in a positive way.

1. Be real and accept the reality of who you are. Be proud to be you. Look at each experience in life as a teacher. We are a people in progress.

2. Be open to life’ journey. Each day we are being led by a higher source that many of us call God. We are being guided. Look at life with positive eyes. Try to be open to rediscover the positive power we have already. At the moment of our birth we were given by God all we need for life.

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Future Services and Events at St Anne’s Church

        Messy Church  (End of school day till 5:00 pm)

         Friday 30th November Advent  






We have a weekly Sunday Club, which meets during the 11:00 service,

in the main church hall. The sessions are quite varied and activities

could include: Bible stories told in creative ways, dressing up, acting out,

puppets, building with Lego, games, dancing to CD, playing percussion

instruments and there is always at least one craft activity….. more

Children and Young People’s Activities


WWDP is an international, interdenominational service held on the first Friday of March each year

The churches of West Heath and Longbridge are now part of the

Cotteridge and Kings Norton group of churches.  


The Service for 2018 was held at Cotteridge Church

The Focus country was Suriname, South America

With the theme ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’


Supporting St Anne

St Anne’s Choir

At Concert on Oct 1st. St Anne’s birthday