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Seeking to make St Anne's a home to invite everyone into!
Thank you for visiting our site. We do hope it will be  both enjoyable and informative. You will be very welcome  at any of the services at St Anne’s and please, do let us  know if there is more information you require. St Anne’s Parish Church (Postal address) 54a Lilley Lane West Heath Birmingham B31 3JT    Office: 0121 604 5050 stanne05@tiscali.co.uk Verse for today

In the Name of Christ

At the end of Holy Communion and many other services the minister says:

“Let us go forth in peace”

What, exactly, does it mean when we reply, “In the name of Christ”and say “Amen”to that?

Some years ago, while on holiday abroad, I went to a party where a member was with his boss and his behaviour was as it should be, but on that occasion, even though he was representing his country, he behaved like a fool. The rest of us Brits were ashamed to own him. We felt he gave us all a very bad name. If we take our Christian discipleship seriously I believe we do go forth in His name, as His representatives, whenever, wherever and in whatever situation we find ourselves.

We are not just Ambassadors for Christ as we go to church, visit the sick or help at church functions and charity events. We are always His representatives.

When we’e tired and family or friends make demands on us; when it’ pouring with rain and the dog needs a walk; at work dealing with incalcitrant bosses, employees or customers; when charity collectors shake their tins and jangle frazzled nerves; when the phone rings half way through our favourite TV programme; when someone behind us takes the last space in the car park; all the time and in every situation we must do everything as His representative.   

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We have a weekly Sunday Club, which meets during the 11:00 service,

in the main church hall. The sessions are quite varied and activities

could include: Bible stories told in creative ways, dressing up, acting out,

puppets, building with Lego, games, dancing to CD, playing percussion

instruments and there is always at least one craft activity….. more

Children and Young People’s Activities

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St Anne’s Choir

At Concert on Oct 1st. St Anne’s birthday