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Seeking to make St Anne's a home to invite everyone into!

At St Anne’s, as a congregation, we have a vision that rejoices in the inheritance of faith we have in Jesus Christ, building on the past and looking to the future so we can pass on to future generations the love of Jesus.

As a result of some hard thinking and work in the PCC we have added to this vision as part of the ‘Transforming Church’ initiative in the diocese and have adopted the following:-

‘St Anne’s is seeking to be a home to invite everyone into.

As a part of Christ’s church, we seek to respond to God’s Holy Spirit’s prompting and guiding to share Jesus love in our community.  This Love we try to work out in prayer and action in our own lives and in the life of this parish as a worshipping community of Christians.

As a result at St Anne’s we seek to:

       gifts God has given each of us.


 The Real Cost of Christmas

The modern Christmas is costly in more ways than one.  We spend a lot of mental energy trying to decide what to buy and for whom.  The task seems greater, more difficult and daunting each succeeding year. It stretches the imagination to the limit.

Then there’s the interminable shopping expeditions to town with multitudes of jostling people, all with the same intent; unless of course, you are a wise and prudent person, well organised, who gets his Christmas shopping completed by the end of October. Most people return from these excursions totally exhausted, - even if they haven’t purchased anything!  Apart from shopping for gifts, there’s garnering of mountains of extra food for parties and visitors.  We are determined to enjoy ourselves; but do we always? Sometimes the stress outweighs the pleasure.  We try to please everyone, but this is almost impossible and sometimes someone ends up feeling miffed!

And, of course, there’s the financial cost of all of this.  A lot of people spend more than they can really afford.  Some even get into debt.  Don’t we sometimes wish that it could be more a time of worship and wonderment at God’s mercy to a sinful world, instead of all this high-powered commercialism?

And what about those poignant memories that come flooding back at Christmas time; memories of lost love ones and happy times long since gone. Everything seems to be more concentrated and sharply focused at this time.

Yes, Christmas costs us mental and physical energy, stress and bitter-sweet memories, but all this pales into insignificance when we consider what it cost the Lord of Glory to leave Heaven and be born in a stable, only to die in agony on a cross thirty-three years later.

He who was without sin bore the sin of all generations.  Even God could not bear this awful sight!  The agony in the soul of Jesus transcended His terrible physical pains at that moment in time. For this purpose, Christ was born.  Calvary was the price of the first Christmas. Give thanks with a grateful heart for this unspeakable gift when you are enjoying the festivities, and remember Bethlehem and Calvary cannot be separated.