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Seeking to make St Anne's a home to invite everyone into!

At St Anne’s, as a congregation, we have a vision that rejoices in the inheritance of faith we have in Jesus Christ, building on the past and looking to the future so we can pass on to future generations the love of Jesus.

As a result of some hard thinking and work in the PCC we have added to this vision as part of the ‘Transforming Church’ initiative in the diocese and have adopted the following:-

‘St Anne’s is seeking to be a home to invite everyone into.

As a part of Christ’s church, we seek to respond to God’s Holy Spirit’s prompting and guiding to share Jesus love in our community.  This Love we try to work out in prayer and action in our own lives and in the life of this parish as a worshipping community of Christians.

As a result at St Anne’s we seek to:

       gifts God has given each of us.

   Seasons...the rhythm of life...

It is autumn time and time for harvest.  The leaves are changing colour, falling to the ground, the fruit on the trees has been picked, the fields of corn harvested.  Produce has been stored, harvests gathered in.  Well that is a traditional view, but the reality is that with a short drive to the supermarket we can get whatever produce we may need or want, fruits in and out of season.  

We can all too easily miss the rhythm of the seasons and the change from summer to autumn and then to winter, it can all be too much of a nuisance and annoyance.  We have to turn the central heating on, take note of the clouds and carry an umbrella, wear winter woollies and so on.  We may want everything to stay the same, as in long warm summer days.  But we know that it can’.  The seasons move on.

Seasons and rhythm are important aspects of God’s created order.  It’s not just the seasons of the year that have a rhythm.  If we sit and think about it and feel it, the whole of life has seasons and rhythm.  There are seasons of growth and dormancy, of joy and sadness, of work and relaxation.  Those of us who have had children know all too well these seasons as we see them in our children; seasons to leave home and then come back, to move on in life, to marry and have children.

Even life in the church has seasons and rhythm.  Yes the churches year has its seasons Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and so on.  And some may have noticed that the Church of England has a three year rhythm with the readings we have in church.  It’ not just the church structures that have seasons and rhythm, but ministry has its seasons and rhythm as well.  A curate moves on after four years, some denominations move their clergy after every five years.  Congregations respond as well to this rhythm and grow and explore new ways of being God’ people.

I myself have seasons and rhythms and I am following the rhythm I believe God has given me, a calling to follow Him, moving from one season I have enjoyed here with you all at St Anne to another season in Hampton, Bickenhill and Barston.

In Ecclesiastes 3 we are told that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...”so I believe there is a time to stay and a time to move on.  This is a time for us all to move on.  It’s a season for St Anne to move on in fellowship, looking to the future and the completion of the Shining Lights Project, embracing all who God will send you and continuing to be a blessing to West Heath.

I have been blessed in many ways among you, sharing leadership with Wardens and PCCs, ministry with very able Readers and lay pastoral assistants,  singing with the choir, having a glass or two of whisky....you have all been good friends.  

God’s eternal blessing on you all.   











Stuart Dimes

Birmingham Churches Night Shelter 2016

Here are some interesting facts about this year's night shelter.  But first would you like a quiz?

 1. Official statistics indicate that there were how many people rough sleeping on any given night in England in 2015?

 a) 2749 b) 3569 c) 4427 d) 6198

 2. This represents an increase from 2014 of what percentage?

 a) 9%  b) 18% c) 30% d) 39%

 3. Nationally what percentage of those sleeping rough were British?

 a) 28% b) 47% c) 64% d) 82%

 4. What percentage of those experiencing homelessness have been diagnosed with a mental health issue?

 a) 35% b) 39% c) 42% d) 45%

 5. Per 1000 households, which city has the highest rates of homeless people , which is 7.43 homeless people per 1000 households?

 a) Manchester  b) London c) Birmingham d) Bristol

 6. What is the life expectancy of those sleeping rough?

 a) 47  b) 52  c) 58  d) 65

Answers at the end of the magazine.

Statistics about this years Birmingham churches night shelter

  14 churches took part, 7 were new.  8 transport providers and 4 outreach teams

  1020 beds over the time were offered 1008 filled that is 97% full

  28 different guests 18 Polish, 5 British, 3 Czech, 1 Lithuanian, 1 Latvian

  4 now in permanent accommodation and more in the pipeline.

  Calculating from the number of volunteers and the number of shifts, evening, night, and morning, the work of the outreach teams and transport driver hours   the total number of hours given by volunteers was 6504.  This equates to £46,828.8 if the new living wage was paid!

Can I say a big thanks to all who volunteered and helped in the night shelter and a big thank you to all those from St Mary’s Wythall who came and helped us.         



Answers to quiz:

1. b, 2. c, 3. b, 4. d, 5. c, 6. a.