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Rainbows Spring Term

This term has seen the Rainbows being very busy.  We have been working

on the Roundabout World Badge and the Rainbow Big Brownie Birthday

Challenge Badge.

The girls have hosted St. John Baptist Church Rainbows for friendship and

fun.  There they made friendship bracelets, Butterfly paper holders,

Butterfly place mats (to use on the party table), beaded/ironed coasters

and decorated cakes. They played games including blindfold trust and let's

not forget the sharing of party food.

They joined in the District Big Brownie Party, playing games that Brownies

have played over the last hundred years and sharing party food. All who

were there got Brownie Birthday Badges.

Girls have taken part in the Christingale Service and Mothering Day Service

here in Church.

The girls also had a Rainbow Sleepover in the George Goodger Hall, at St.

Anne's,  where they had McDonald's happy meals, for their evening meal.

They worked on their Hands On Badge and did crafts on the Monday

afternoon and Tuesday morning.  They enjoyed watching DVD’s  before

going to sleep and yes, the midnight feast at 8:30pm.

Our last meeting saw seven Rainbows go up to Brownies.  All will be

missed;  all had very different characters.  Brownies will benefit from the

girls joining the pack.

We look forward to the Summer term which will see new girls join the unit.

In May there is a  Division Teddy Bears Picnic that we plan to join.